“Halo Privacy™ delivers control…”

“Halo Privacy delivers control over our digital domain.  Mobile users and those in our office are more productive and conversations stay on point while we remain in control of our data.”  Josh H. – AMI

The Halo Suite

Our premium privacy solution tailored for the C-Suite, Boards of Directors, Family Offices, and Ultra High Net Worth. The Halo Suite provides platinum services and technology for the most discerning and demanding privacy customers.


Halo-Eclipse™ is a privacy appliance and platform built on a read-only, hardened Linux foundation.  Linux Containers are then used to discreetly house Halo applications facilitating a full range of collaboration and messaging functions.  The Halo-Crypt™ core enables secure connections from a multitude of devices providing a frictionless and familiar user experience.  Halo-Eclipse™ is the technical heart of our full line of solutions.




Security technology is only as good as it is easy to use.  There is always a balance between security posture (which varies widely from entity to entity) and convenience.  Halo started with open source solutions that were hardened to deliver services that are familiar to users.  Tools like Slack™, Dropbox™ and Skype™ have become the norm for business and personal work flow. While all these have great functionality, entities lose control of their data.  Halo provides a familiar and known experience, affording organizations the privacy, security and control that is essential for critical operations.

Halo-Channels™ (HCH)


Workplace Social Software brings your communication together safely in one place. It provides your organization with private real-time messaging and searchable archives. All team communications and archives are hosted on Halo-Corona™ Privacy Platform. The user experience is both highly intuitive and secure.

Halo-Commlink™ (HCL)


“What if someone is listening to me?” Users should ask themselves that every time they make a call, send a message, or an email because communication is exposed now more than ever. Call or chat confidently with Halo-CommLink™ resting assured that your Halo-to-Halo conversations will not be compromised. HCL can also dial into the public phone system while providing unique levels of control.

Halo-Drive™ (HDR)


Why project all your sensitive information up into a cloud service? Halo-Drive™ provides the multi-platform functionality that is demanded with the control and security to instill confidence that your most sensitive data is secured using the Halo-Corona™ Privacy Platform.

Halo-Mail™ (HMA)


Your email, contacts and calendar are securely delivered on the platforms you already use and are familiar with. Communicate internal only or external using the industry standard SMIME encryption. Halo brings significant tradecraft and experience to bear for ultra-secure deployments.

Halo-VPN™ (HPN)


The Halo-VPN™ secures communications to Halo-Corona™ using proven certificate based SSL VPN standards. Depending on the security and risk posture of the organization, Halo-Corona™ can be made only accessible when the HPN is connected. The HPN uses a proven and FIPS 140-2 standards based approach while providing the option of  One-time pad implementation for ultra secure deployments.




Through significant experience in both the private and public sectors Halo’s principals realized that to achieve the best possible results for our customers we needed to combine the best of a consulting practice with custom tailored products.  This was the genesis of our “3T” approach.  Tradecraft, Training, and Technology.  Our Platinum Solution, The Halo Suite is the best realization of this.  With a continuous cycle of improvement reacting to the ever changing threat landscape Halo customers can rest assured that all measures are being taken to assure their privacy.




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